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2017-04-03 Six Chefs fly the best of Portuguese flavors around the world TAP WITH MICHELIN STARS ON-BOARD 


Henrique Sá Pessoa, José Avillez, Miguel Laffan, Rui Paula and Rui Silvestre join Vítor Sobral for a taste of excellence on board the company’s aircraft.

TAP is collaborating with five Chefs with Michelin stars who, along with Chef Vítor Sobral, TAP’s cuisine consultant, will further enhance its clients’ travel experience. In this way, the Airline is really going places on its mission as Portugal’s ambassador to the world, showing off Portuguese flavors prepared by the country’s most renowned Chefs.

From September on, each month’s in-flight meal will be a creation from one of the Michelin star chefs who have accepted the challenge to promote the best of Portuguese cuisine.

“Portugal is often referred to by the international media as ‘the best kept secret in Europe’. TAP’s commitment by announcing this project is perfectly clear: we will do everything we can so that Portugal is no longer a secret”, said Fernando Pinto at the official launch of this project in the Palácio Pimenta, in Lisbon.

TAP’s chairman believes this agreement with the six Chefs “will allow more people to discover the excellence of our cuisine and fall in love with Portugal: with its aromas, its scents, its sunshine, its sea, its wines, its cuisine and its culture”.

As part of this project, known as “Taste The Stars”, TAP will offer a platform to other gifted chefs – young talents trained by one of the six official Chefs, and given the opportunity to present their creations and suggestions as part of the in-flight service.

TAP carries around 12 million passengers a year, and growing. In its capacity as a body that brings national flavours to the world, in 2016 TAP served 14 million in-flight meals, almost 2 million litres of water, 1.7 million litres of fruit juice and soft drinks, almost 37 thousand kilos of coffee, 175 thousand litres of beer and more than 500,000 litres of wine, all of which was produced domestically.

The Airline stands a strong international presence, especially in important markets such as the United States of America and Brazil, but also in several European and African countries. Its powerful communication mechanism which, beyond advertising, include in-flight entertainment systems, the UP Magazine, a wide network of digital communication (flytap.com, newsletters, Victoria Programme, social networks, among others) and a vast media coverage.

With programmes such as “Portugal Stopover” and “Embrace Portugal”, TAP connects in a deeper way with its Portuguese identity and commits even more to promoting what is produced in Portugal.

“Taste the Stars” is another TAP commitment to show Portugal to the world. Together with some of the most reputed representatives of Portuguese gastronomy, TAP, admittedly on of the main promoters of Portugal, its destinations, gastronomy, wines, traditions and culture, will contribute to the appreciation and notability of this valuable and unparalleled heritage.

In the near future, the Portuguese airline will also revolutionize its wine list, in a new selection model which will also give Portuguese producers the opportunity to promote their products internationally.

With the “Taste the Stars” projects, the Chefs will create meals for TAP passengers, discover, promote and encourage new Portuguese cooking talents, reinvent the use of several regional products, be part of national and international TAP cooking events (in New York or São Paulo, for instance). Furthermore, the restaurants run by the Chefs will now be part of the “Portugal Stopover” programme.


About the Chefs: 

Vítor Sobral

One of the most important national references, he is the cook who transformed Portuguese cuisine. No comments are needed for the only Portuguese chef distinguished by the President of Portugal. He is the face of the most international Portuguese group, running restaurants in Portugal and Brazil, where he consistently showcases Portuguese cuisine. In Portugal, he was one of the revolutionaries of the national cuisine and the restaurant business itself.


José Avillez

At “Belcanto”, awarded two Michelin stars and considered one of the best one hundred restaurants in the world by the renowned "The World's 50 Best Restaurants List", José Avillez offers revisited Portuguese cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere that still keeps a certain romance from the old Chiado. This is the type of cooking that truly identifies him and that expresses his creative evolution.


Rui Silvestre

His strength, determination and professionalism became clear when, at 29 years old, he was awarded his first Michelin star, for the restaurant “Bon Bon”, in Carvoeiro, Algarve. Endowed with a gastronomic language strongly based on French technique, he boldly transforms improbable connections in exciting and tasty dishes. He believes that proximity products, carefully selected, make the difference in each of his dishes which, together with his art, are truly memorable.


Miguel Laffan

He works on his cooking in an emotional way. In love with Asian flavors, he mixes them with national flavors in a very unusual way. Miguel Laffan has found in Alentejo, at L’AND Vineyards Wine Resort, his terroir, and, at “L’AND” since 2011, he has been developing his cooking, creating a unique language.


Henrique Sá Pessoa

To Henrique Sá Pessoa, there is only good cooking and bad cooking. He defines his as “taste cuisine”: refined taste, perfect technique and excellent product. The base of his gastronomic philosophy is in his influences and references: the travels around the world, the passion for Asia, the knowledge of traditional Portuguese cuisine, life in Lisbon.


Rui Paula

Rui Paula, born in Trás-os-Montes, has in the space of his restaurant ‘Casa de Chá da Boa Nova’, in a building signed by the architect Siza Vieira, in Leça da Palmeira, by the sea, the bet that gave him his first Michelin star. This is a high gastronomy project, based on traditional cuisine techniques, the result of many years as Chef and the work made by him and his team in world renowned restaurants.