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2014-08-08 TAP Pilots Union strike announcement for 9th August

Due to TAP Pilots Union strike announcement, expected to take place on 09th of August

between 00h00 and 23h59, and due to the impact this strike might have on our operation we are allowing changes on the bookings confirmed for this day, or alternatively, the refund of the ticket.

To change or cancel your ticket, passengers should contact TAP or your Travel Agents.


The operation of the following flights on August 9th is confirmed and will not be affected by the Pilots Union strike announcement: 

- All TAP flights operated by PGA Portugália Airlines

- All TAP flights operated by charter aircrafts from other companies:
TP30 Fortaleza Lisbon / TP31 Lisbon Fortaleza
TP576 Lisbon Frankfurt / TP579 Frankfurt Lisbon
TP663 Amsterdam Lisbon / TP664 Lisbon Amesterdam
TP694 Lisbon Vienna / TP697 Vienna Lisbon
TP831 Rome Lisbon / TP834 Lisbon Rome

- Flights operated by aircrafts that are abroad and have to return to base:

TP206 Dakar Lisbon
TP218 Sal Lisbon
TP258 Bamako Lisbon
TP288 Luanda Lisbon
TP347 London Funchal
TP351 London Lisbon
TP353 London Lisbon
TP443 Paris Lisbon
TP447 Paris Lisbon
TP459 Paris Oporto
TP503 Belgrade Lisbon
TP539 Berlin Lisbon
TP 553 Munich Lisbon
TP567 Hamburg Lisbon
TP571 Frankfurt Lisbon
TP611 Brussels Lisbon
TP669 Amsterdam Lisbon
TP719 Budapest Lisbon
TP723 Bucharest Lisbon
TP753 Copenhagen Lisbon
TP807 Milan Lisbon
TP837 Rome Lisbon
TP923 Zurich Lisbon
TP949 Geneva Lisbon
TP1023 Madrid Lisbon
TP1049 Barcelona Lisbon
TP1231 Moscow Lisbon

Passengers with valid reservations for these flights are not required to contact TAP neither the travel agent, since the mentioned flights are confirmed.

TAP informs that the following flights will operate as minimum services:
TP1845 – Lisbon / Horta
TP1846 – Horta /  Lisbon
TP1623 – Lisbon / Funchal
TP1628 – Funchal / Lisbon
TP1739 – Lisbon / Porto Santo
TP1738 – Porto  Santo / Lisbon
TP059 – Lisbon / Brasnlia
TP060 – Brasnlia / Lisbon
TP281 – Lisbon / Maputo
TP282 – Maputo / Lisbon
TP289 – Lisbon  / Luanda
TP288 – Luanda / Lisbon
TP103 – Lisbon / Newark
TP104 – Newark / Lisbon
TP442 – Lisbon / Paris
TP441 – Paris /Lisbon
TP948 – Lisbon / Geneve
TP941 – Geneve / Lisbon
TP364 – Lisbon / London
TP367 – London / Lisbon
TP614 – Lisbon / Bruxelles
TP619 -  Bruxelles / Lisbon
We remind that flights operated by PGA Portugália Airlines and flights operated by charter aircrafts from other companies remain confirmed.

Flights operating with a delay after 00h00, operating on 10 of august (Lisbon local time):
- TP796  Lisbon/Helsinki  - Departure 01h20  
- TP209 Lisbon/Dakar  - Departure 01h30
- TP217 Lisbon/Sal - Departure 01h40
- TP213  Lisbon/Praia  - Departure 01h50
- TP1224 Lisbon/St. Petersburg  - Departure 01h50
- TP1246 Lisbon/Tallinn - Departure 01h55

Return of delayed flights: 
TP791 – Hlesinki / Lisbon - Departure 08H35 LT
TP1247 – Tallinn / Lisbon - Departure 09H10 LT
TP1225 – St. Peteresburg / Lisbon - Departure 10H25 LT  
TP206 – Dakar / Lisbon - Departure 05H15 LT
TP214 – Praia / Lisbon - Departure 04H45 LT
TP218 – Sal / Lisbon - Departure 04h45 LT