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Ganhar Asas Programme

TAP's programme to lose the fear of flying.


Lose the fear of flying 

Did you know that 10 to 40% of the adult population is afraid to fly? You or someone close to you may be affected by this.  

It was because of these people that TAP, in partnership with Unit of Integrated Healthcare (UCS), launched the Ganhar Asas Programme

Overcome your fear of flying and give yourself the chance to travel in a more comfortable way. See testimonials of some of the participants in TAP's Facebook page

Do you have flight phobia? 

  • Do you feel a persistent fear days before travelling by plane?
  • Are you aware that this fear is abnormal?
  • Do you prefer to use other means of transportation besides the plane even if you know that it will take you longer
  • Do you find excuses to avoid travelling by plane?
  • Have you already cancelled a trip or had to leave the plane before take-off?
  • Do you feel nausea, palpitations, indisposition or a choking sensation before or during the flight?
  • Do you take medication or drink alcohol to avoid the discomfort during the flight? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably have flight phobia. 

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How to lose the fear of flying 

The Ganhar Asas Programme is a psychotherapeutic programme, developed by highly specialised professionals that aim to treat flight phobia. The programme was developed for: 

  • People that never travelled by plane;
  • People that have already travelled by plane but stopped doing it due to the discomfort they experienced before, during and after the flight;  
  • People that usually travel, but find it difficult because of the discomfort that they feel. 

Through this programme, TAP and UCS want to help people travel by plane in a more comfortable manner by diminishing their anxiety levels before and during the flight. 

Programme Results

After the Ganhar Asas Programme, people fly more often and with higher levels of comfort:

  • Boarding rate in the therapeutic flight is above 96%;
  • Generalized, anticipatory and flying anxiety decreases;
  • Physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety decreases;
  • Average yearly number of flights triples;
  • Approximately two out of three participants that took sedatives before and after the flight stop taking them.

Learn with the professionals

The Ganhar Asas programme is conducted by a highly specialised team of professionals.

  • 2 clinical psychologists;
  • 1 TAP captain;
  • 1 TAP flight attendant;
  • 1 TAP aeronautical maintenance engineer. 

Assessment Consultation

Before starting the programme, the participants will be subjected to a psychological assessment consultation that will help diagnose the type of difficulties associated with the fear of flying and see if the integration in the programme is the best solution. 

The structure of the Ganhar Asas Programme: 

  • 12 participants;
  • 24 hours Course (two days and a half);
  • Flight simulator session;
  • A visit to our mockups;
  • A visit to an aircraft undergoing maintenance;
  • Flight Lisbon/ Madrid/ Lisbon with the technical team;
  • Handing out of the diplomas and course conclusion prizes.

Course Contents

  • Psychological aspects associated with flight phobia;
  • Anxiety management techniques;
  • Technical aviation aspects;
  • Flight procedures;
  • The flight and the cabin;
  • Aeronautical maintenance;
  • Relapse prevention session.

Lisbon/ Madrid/ Lisbon Flight

Taking a flight is the final stage of the programme. It’s an important step to overcome your fear of flying because it’s the only way to make you understand that flying is not so dangerous and threatening as you thought. 

When can you attend a course? 

Soon we'll have the agenda for 2017.


Get ready for your next trip in advance and enjoy this experience with total comfort!


Initial Assessment Consultation - 75€

Course of the Ganhar Asas Programme - 750€

Course price includes training, meals, support documentation and Lisbon/ Madrid/ Lisbon flights.

Information and Contacts

If you think that the Ganhar Asas Programme can help you overcome your flying anxiety, send us an email to ganharasas@ucs.pt, and include a telephone number so we can contact you to schedule your initial assessment evaluation. 

For more information, contact us at (+351) 963 906 950. 


Aditional Information

Observations: TAP Portugal has the right to change the scheduled dates, with prior notice to the candidates enrolled in the course. For this reason, we suggest you to confirm in advance the dates of the courses. 

The Ganhar Asas programme is now also a member of the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP).