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2015-02-27 Heathrow Terminal 2: the Queen’s Terminal named "Airport of the Year" at "Air Transport World Annual Awards" London Heathrow and Star Alliance have won the World’s Airport of the Year at Air Transport World’s (ATW) 41st Annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards, honoured jointly for their collaborative work on the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow. The accolade was presented to Andy Garner Director Airline Business Development, London Heathrow, and Mark Schwab, Star Alliance CEO, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. last night (25 February).
2015-02-04 TAP seeks creative ideas to celebrate its 70th anniversary TAP Creative Launch invites the venturous to present projects
2015-02-04 Victoria Programme has more benefits for Gold and Silver Clients During its 10th anniversary year
2015-02-04 TAP carries more than one million passengers on routes to France Company strengthens its market position with 46,000 more passengers in 2014
2015-01-29 TAP considered the world’s 3rd best Boutique Airline Singapore travel specialist portal Skift highlights the Portuguese airline
2015-01-14 Amadeus Brighter Awards recognise TAP Fernando Pinto and Luiz Mór win Tourism and Travel awards
2015-01-13 Victoria Programme celebrates 10 years  “Happy miles to you”
2015-01-06 With 710,000 more passengers in 2014, TAP is growing faster than the European average With a load factor of 80.1%, the Portuguese airline has carried more than 11 million passengers for the first time in its history, and has exceeded the average 4.5% growth in traffic carried by members of the Association of European Airline (AEA)
2014-12-17 Air India hosts first Star Alliance Chief Executive Board Meeting in India
Member carrier CEOs reflect on busy 2014 and set priorities for 2015
2014-12-15 TAP offers the Uber service to passengers at Lisbon Airport TAP, in partnership with Uber, has launched a service on routes between Lisbon airport and the city.

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