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2014-07-18 TAP releases Windows 8 app TAP has added a new on-line app to its range.
2014-07-14 DECO highlights TAP’s positives In an analysis of the airline websites and on-line travel agencies
2014-07-12 Clarification of occurence with TAP Airplane flying to São Paulo this morning TAP announces that flight TP 085, which operated this morning from Lisbon to São Paulo, having left Lisbon at 10:10, had to return to Lisbon airport shortly after take-off, due to a failure in a turbine of one of the reactors of the plane.
2014-07-11 Air India joins Star Alliance First Indian Airline to join Global Airline Alliance
2014-07-10 TAP praised by Commission for Equality and against Racial Discrimination TAP was praised by the Commission for Equality and against Racial Discrimination, which is presided over by the High Commissioner for Immigration, for its in-flight safety video.
2014-07-07 353,000 more passengers than last year TAP grows 7.2% in the first half of 2014
2014-07-04 Exclusive Lifecooler offers for TAP Victoria programme customers Discount of up to 90% on tourism and leisure products and services
2014-07-04 TAP completes a series of new routes this year with its inaugural flight to Tallinn Airline opens 11 new routes this summer, increasing its network to 88 destinations
2014-07-02 TAP’s new aircraft is named Malangatana The aircraft made its maiden flight to Milan and will return to Lisbon today, 2 July
2014-07-01 TAP starts flying to six of this summer’s 11 new destinations today
Launch of flights to Asturias (Oviedo), Belgrade, Nantes and St Petersburg in Europe. Bogota and Panama City in Latin America.

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