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2015-07-23 TAP appointed to the Strategic Committee of the Star Alliance Management Board José Guedes Dias, Vice President of Alliances and External Relations, has been appointed to represent TAP on the Star Alliance Management Board’s Strategic Committee, which represents member companies from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
2015-07-22 Avianca Brasil joins Star Alliance Network At a special ceremony held at Guarulhos International Airport today, the Star Alliance member carriers welcomed their newest member, Avianca Brasil.
2015-07-22 TAP wins tender for largest European Programme for Aeronautical Research and Innovation TAP Maintenance & Engineering leads the Horizon 2020 Programme project
2015-07-16 70 years of TAP, a commemorative exhibition at MUDE “TAP Portugal: Image of a people” can be seen at the Museum of Design and Fashion until November
2015-07-15 TAP is a 2015 APCE Grand Prize winner UP Magazine named best “External Publication”
2015-07-15 TAP celebrates 70 years with stickers Launch of a special digital album
2015-07-08 Strategic guidelines for the management of TAP until the reprivatisation process has been concluded The single shareholder of TAP, Parpública, has issued a ruling in which the Strategic Guidelines for the management of TAP SGPS and the TAP Group (wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries) have been defined, until the reprivatisation process of the share capital of TAP SGPS is concluded, specifically:GSB and EBD members shall continue to pursue and manage their business activities as per usual, in accordance with standard and current management procedures, and in compliance with those practices in effect at the present time and corresponding to a substantial degree with those undertaken up to the present date;A number of acts have been defined – corporate, financial, business practice, human resources, celebration of contract and regarding other legal acts and proceedings – which must be publically disclosed and granted prior authorisation by Parpública.
2015-07-07 TAP STEP is the new brand for young travellers

TAP STEP is the Portuguese airline’s new brand, dedicated exclusively to those aged from 12 to 25, and which offers products with exclusive miles, offers, benefits and discounts specially for the younger generation of travellers.

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