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2015-01-29 TAP considered the world’s 3rd best Boutique Airline Singapore travel specialist portal Skift highlights the Portuguese airline
2015-01-14 Amadeus Brighter Awards recognise TAP Fernando Pinto and Luiz Mór win Tourism and Travel awards
2015-01-13 Victoria Programme celebrates 10 years  “Happy miles to you”
2015-01-06 With 710,000 more passengers in 2014, TAP is growing faster than the European average With a load factor of 80.1%, the Portuguese airline has carried more than 11 million passengers for the first time in its history, and has exceeded the average 4.5% growth in traffic carried by members of the Association of European Airline (AEA)
2014-12-17 Air India hosts first Star Alliance Chief Executive Board Meeting in India
Member carrier CEOs reflect on busy 2014 and set priorities for 2015
2014-12-15 TAP offers the Uber service to passengers at Lisbon Airport TAP, in partnership with Uber, has launched a service on routes between Lisbon airport and the city.
2014-12-04 Partnership between TAP Victoria and GOL Smiles programmes From now on Victoria Miles can be used to earn Award Tickets on GOL
2014-12-01 Check-in via mobile apps now available at eight European airports TAP strengthens its presence in the digital universe
2014-11-27 World Heritage comes home on TAP “Cante Alentejano flight” arrives in Lisbon at 8:35 pm
2014-11-25 TAP and Startup Lisboa challenge entrepreneurs to create winning business ideas

National airline celebrates the past with an eye toward the future

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